An entrepreneur has to make countless strategic and operational decisions, with limited information, in a rapidly evolving environment, in a time-constrained manner. Sub-optimal decisions can lead to adverse outcomes. The traditional entrepreneurship education seeks to prepare the entrepreneur by providing information and tools without understanding the immediate needs of the entrepreneur. At Bhau Institute, we believe that entrepreneurs don’t need a lot of information, they need targeted knowledge, experiential wisdom, peer-based learning environment, and program deliverables that advance the state of their start-up.


As a result, the education programming provided at Bhau Institute serves to fill the knowledge gap and build the skill sets of the entrepreneurs based on their unique needs. Applied learning and experimentation based education provided by practicing entrepreneurs, industry innovators, domain experts from India and abroad, using live case studies, field work, simulation labs, and other innovative approaches. Some of the unique features of the education programming include:

  • Pedagogical philosophy is applied learning and experimentation-based
  • Programming is modular and built around the domains of Venture Creation, Venture Launch, Venture acceleration, and venture Exchange
  • Teachers are practicing entrepreneurs and domain experts
  • Learning tools include live case studies, start-up visits, and simulation games