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Being an inclusive institute for startup India, Bhau Institute seeks provides infrastructure, programs, and services to students, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and industry to enable startup formation, incubation, acceleration, and funding. To provide maximum value to the community, the institute pro-actively seeks to support and promote startup companies that focus on thematic bundling, convergence, and thematic-bundling.

To increase the successful creation of startup companies, strong network of successful entrepreneurs, mentors, co-founders, and investors have been developed. Also, the close collaboration with College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) will significantly increase infrastructure and intellectual network.

Bhau Business Incubation Programs:

Integrated, innovative, demand-driven, global best practices benchmarked programs are being offered to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and startups at different stages of their development. Programs include:

  • Pre-incubation 
  • Physical Incubation
  • Virtual Incubation
  • Corporate Incubation
  • Co-working/ Incubation Light 
  • International Incubation


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The services listed below are part of the core services provided by Bhau Incubator:
 Access to incubation space – desks, cubicles, and offices
 Access to Innovation Labs, conference rooms, meetings rooms, computer labs, etc.
 Communication facilities, such as telephone, Internet and fax , subscriptions.
 Computing facilities, such as desktop and laptop systems, printers, etc.
 Access to various research, analysis, and analytical databases, tools, and software.
 Access to vital tools and equipment needed in the thrust areas of IoT, Healthcare Technologies, Cyber Security, and Grassroots Innovations.
 Access to COEP labs (including Fab Lab) and physical and intellectual resources.
 Funding
o Access to funding or funding sources
o As per availability of funds and need of incubatee companies
 Mentoring
o Expert business and technology mentoring from industry leaders, practicing entrepreneurs, and domain experts.
o Consultation and assistance from the Bhau Incubator staff on business plans, strategic planning, marketing, product commercialization and financing.
o Technology commercialization assistance, including intellectual property advice, product development and  corporate formation.
o Access to legal, marketing, accounting, finance, negotiation, team-management, and organizational
development seminars, brown bag lunch series, workshops and panel discussions.
 Third-Party Services:

Bhau institute can identify and verify high quality credible third-party business service providers and negotiate with them to provide various levels and types of services to the incubatee companies. The goal is to reduce the burden on incubatee companies that comes from the fact that these startups don’t have the time, expertise, and money to identify and engage high quality credible service providers. Third-party business service providers package  include the following types of services:
o Chartered Accountant
o Company Secretary
o Website developers
o Intellectual Property Rights Legal Professionals
o Banks and other government funding providers
o Marketing research, survey, and branding professionals
o IT trainers, particularly, system developers/designers, and graphic developers
o Soft skills trainers
 Network Access
o Access to a global network of mentors, co-founders, investors, customers, and channel partners.
 Access to shared services
o High-speed Internet access and on-site networking equipment – data lines, servers, etc.
o Use of copier, fax and telephones.
o Facility administration and front desk reception area.
o Shared conference rooms, meeting rooms, innovation labs, and common areas.