Guidelines for Projects

Students can participate in two ways: as a project participant, or as an ambassador, which is an active leadership role and comes with a performance based award system. The criteria for leaders and for projects are as stated below.

Student leader must:

  • Be self motivated.
  • Involve at least 5-10 students from their respective campus in Projects
  • Spend at least 20 hours on projects each month
  • Attend a monthly meeting
  • Submit mid-year and year-end reports
  • Make a 10 month commitment
  • Attend orientation and year-end function
  • Provide feedback to the authorities


  •  Must be a team project
  • Can be one-time or recurring projects.
  • Must have a social purpose
  • Budget provided is INR 0 to INR 6000 per project, if required more, then provided only after discussing quality of the project in detail
  • Mobilise students for exercising service to create local impact (no matter how “small”).
  • Must not discriminate on the basis of gender, caste, religion, race, age, etc.

Projects can be in any of the following areas :-

3H(Health, Humanity, Hunger)       Education    Agriculture
Environment                       Technology              Others


How to apply:

    • Collect hard copies of project proposal forms from BHAU office at COEP and submit at same address.
    • Fill the forms online on link updated


  • For queries or clarification, please refer to contact.



Sample Project List (Implemented by student) with brief idea :-

  • Missing sticks :     To visit and aware people about senior citizens and their plight, taking feedbackfrom the public, helping the needy.
  • Step Towards Green Pune : To make aware of the harmful effects of plastic on the environment & indirectly on human life.
  • Agri from thoughts to action: Study the present agricultural scenario in various parts of Maharashtra and help in improving necessary sectors of the same.
  • Awareness about kidney:  Aware people about various cause of kidney disorders and inform them about preventions and precautions.
  • School chale hum: Teach part-time to underprivileged kids and Inspire them to learn more & create awareness among them.
  • Electricity Generation from vibration generated at public places: Project suggest new and innovative idea about electricity generation.
  • Best from waste: Try to use waste materials to make something useful, cheap and with social values.  In short, project must be innovative with great social values relating with any of the above areas.

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