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Ignited Innovators of India

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Ignited Innovators of India (I2I) is a movement organized by the BHAU institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership [BIEL] at College of Engineering, Pune. I2I is a unique initiative that aspires to reach out to students across India and provide them with an opportunity to become social entrepreneurs and bring about small but significant changes in the world around. The I2I initiative has been instituted with the vision of promoting and instilling entrepreneurship, leadership and team building skills among students in various colleges. The program encourages them to take up innovative projects that hold potential to make a tangible difference to the community.

Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership at COEP is the backbone of i2i offering students an opportunity to make changes in your world today.

I2India Fellows will have the opportunity to network with successful social entrepreneurs, gain leadership and volunteer experiences and work intimately with the local community. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

You Should Join If you want to

  • Make change in a world that needs leaders to step up today.
  •  Witness your creation move from concept to certainty.
  • Spearhead a project with a team of other like-minded students.
  • Interact with the local community to understand and solve problems.
  • Gain communication and personality development skills.
  • Network with successful social entrepreneurs and student leaders.
  • Build up your volunteer experiences towards leadership.
  • Supplement your education with hands-on learning.
  • Acquire skills of 21st Century towards a social cause.

You Should Apply If You

  • Are self motivated.
  • Are attending college or university in India.
  • Can involve at least 10 students from their respective campus in projects.
  • Can spend at least 15Hours on project each month.
  • Can attend a monthly meeting.
  • Can submit mid-year and year-end reports.
  • Can make a 6 month commitment.

Project-related costs will be reimbursed.

Awards :

  • Best project for each sector
  • Best Ambassador Award
  • Best Philanthropist for the highest graded college
  • Overall Best Project

Guidelines for Projects

Students can participate in two ways: as a project participant, or as an ambassador, which is an active leadership role and comes with a performance based award system. The criteria for leaders and for projects are as stated below.

Student leader must:

  • Be self motivated.
  • Involve at least 5-10 students from their respective campus in Projects
  • Spend at least 20 hours on projects each month
  • Attend a monthly meeting
  • Submit mid-year and year-end reports
  • Make a 10 month commitment
  • Attend orientation and year-end function
  • Provide feedback to the authorities


  •  Must be a team project
  • Can be one-time or recurring projects.
  • Must have a social purpose
  • Budget provided is INR 0 to INR 6000 per project, if required more, then provided only after discussing quality of the project in detail
  • Mobilise students for exercising service to create local impact (no matter how “small”).
  • Must not discriminate on the basis of gender, caste, religion, race, age, etc.

Projects can be in any of the following areas :-

3H(Health, Humanity, Hunger)       Education    Agriculture
Environment                       Technology              Others


Bhau Institute can facilitate the growth of entrepreneurs and startups by linking them to the local and global entrepreneurship ecosystem. With this goal is mind, Bhau institute will host events either individually, or in partnership with local startup ecosystem players, corporate partners, or international network affiliates. Varieties of events will be hosted such as investment competitions, CEO speaker series, women entrepreneurship, and global demo days, Bhau Institute strongly believes in the value of networking for the entrepreneurs and therefore operates with the philosophy of locally integrating and globally connecting the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

 Events:

The goal of Bhau institute is to become the center of gravity for all startup activities in Pune. To achieve this goal, Bhau institute hosts events, workshops, seminars, and activities that attract, inform, engage, and add value for entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and ecosystem partners. Some of the other programs that will be organized include:
 Grassroots Innovation workshop
 IoT workshop
 Cyber Security workshop
 Healthcare Technologies workshop
 Reverse engineering workshop
 Corporate startup training
 Corporate leadership training
 Student startup Bootcamps
 Faculty entrepreneurship development workshop
 Technology commercialization Bootcamp
 CEO Speaker Series
 Co-founder meetup
 Women entrepreneurs meetup
 SME growth workshop
 Startup investment conference
 Startup investment competition
 Investors forum

Bhau Global Partnerships Network: 

The Bhau Incubator will be able to leverage the global partnerships of COEP.  The Bhau team has extensive relationships across the world including India. Some of the current relationships that can be leveraged include:


Nwetwork 23

Ignited Innovators of India-
i2i is a social entrepreneurship program with a well-defined network of more than 200 student ambassadors from various colleges across India. These ambassadors reach out to students across Indian colleges and provide them with an opportunity to become social entrepreneurs and bring about small but significant change in the world around them. This helps inculcate key lifelong qualities like leadership, problem solving, initiative, team work and stakeholder engagement. The i2i initiative encourages students to take up innovative projects that hold potential to make a
difference to the community. Eaton Corporation has been the sponsor of the i2i program for the past 5 years, and along with Bhau-COEP, has extended funding, mentoring and networking support to the participants at every stage of the project lifecycle. i2i social entrepreneurship concept has reached a large number of students:
• Over 10,000 students have submitted project ideas
• Over 5,000 students have executed more than 1200 projects


The annual technical event MindSpark, initiated in 2007, is one of the most famous and prestigious technical events nationwide. MindSpark
provides a stage for various emerging fields of modern technology. Young engineers are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas
using technology which can be used for betterment of the society. Every year a theme is set around which various technical events are
organized. The sponsoring companies also give live projects/ problems prevailing in industries for students to work on it and provide solutions.


Entrepreneurship Cell-

Entrepreneurship cell at COEP has witnessed a gradual increase in interest among the students in Pune since 2010. The cell has been organizing various fun and engaging events to inculcate an interest in the start-up culture. Various workshops have been conducted by eminent personalities to motivate the budding entrepreneurs and to teach them ABCs of business planning. The TBI will greatly improve the support to start-ups. The cell
has undertaken the following initiatives:

Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive: in association with IIT Kharagpur which is aimed at encouraging students to take the leap towards being an entrepreneur

BidMaster: A simulation of IPL auctions as conducted in the classroom, proved to be a huge crowd puller as the participants experienced a spell of intensive planning, strategy and impulsive decision making

Business Baazigar: Sets a stage for new and promising start-ups to showcase and even sell their products/services to E-Fest participants having virtual money given by the organizers to spend at their stalls. The virtual money earned by the start-ups was matched by the organizers in real. It
also gave them amazing exposure as Investors were present to scrutinize these start-ups.

BizQuiz: An intense quiz competition where the participants faced questions on diverse aspects of business, coupled with tit-bits of trivia.

• Bull Run: A game on virtual stock market which taught participants to make wiser investments and helped them to make real time decisions

Brandwidth: Involved making posters on pre-defined products. Teams with qualifying posters were given a single product to make
an advertisement on, each of which was recorded.

• Tech for Nation: Was a series of seminars and workshops organized by the ED-Cell. The event shed light on skill development, role of engineering in rural development, social entrepreneurship and role of engineers in nation building. Symposium was a brainstorming session regarding “Stepping into the Start-up Era”

Coffee Meet: A platform for emerging entrepreneurs to network with each other and to discuss their problems, solutions and additional suggestions to improvise their start-ups.

IntelligencePlus: In collaboration with E-cell, IIM Calcutta and ED-Cell, COEP organized Inno-Venture which was India’s 1st ideation-innovation-entrepreneurship event for children (8- 13yrs) nurturing 21st century skills such as Thinking, Creativity, Social & Emotional Learning,
Communication and Practical Life skills and entrepreneurship education.

Pep Talk: Was a one of its kind event where students put themselves in the shoes of a CEO facing a period of apocalypse and displayed their motivational speaking skills to fire up a pseudo-workforce.

The NGO Challenge: was a test of the students’ social entrepreneurial skills to solve the challenge presented by Ecosan Services Foundation.