An entrepreneur has to make countless strategic and operational decisions, with limited information, in a rapidly evolving environment, in a time-constrained manner. Sub-optimal decisions can lead to adverse outcomes. The traditional entrepreneurship education seeks to prepare the entrepreneur by providing information and tools without understanding the immediate needs of the entrepreneur. At Bhau Institute, we believe that entrepreneurs don’t need a lot of information, they need targeted knowledge, experiential wisdom, peer-based learning environment, and program deliverable that advances the state of their startup.


As a result, the education programming provided at Bhau Institute serves to fill the knowledge gap and build the skill sets of the entrepreneurs based on their unique needs. Applied learning and experimentation based education provided by practicing entrepreneurs, industry innovators, domain experts from India and abroad, using live case studies, field work, simulation labs, and other innovative approaches. Some of the unique features of the education programming include:

  • Pedagogical philosophy is applied learning and experimentation-based
  • Programming is modular and built around the domains of Venture Creation, Venture Launch, Venture acceleration, and venture Exchange
  • Teachers are practicing entrepreneurs and domain experts
  • Learning tools include live case studies, startup visits, and simulation games

1] Venture Creation Training Program-

  • This seminar is designed for those students who may wish to form their own businesses at some
    stage in their careers.
  • Gain knowledge of reducing startup risk by developing and validating business concept using the
    latest tools and strategies
  • Topics include defining and refining the idea, developing the opportunity, marketing and financing
    plans that target the right market with the right strategy and messaging at the right time.
  • Learn the importance of the business plan as preparation for launching business venture,
    managing the business and obtaining investor funding.
  • Students participate in a collaborative workshop environment with other students to write, review,
    critique, present and develop business planning, writing and communication abilities.


2] Venture Launch Training  Program –

The Venture Launch Training Program offered by Bhau Institute is an extended workshop where participants are not only taught the strategies, tools, and processes of creating & launching a new venture but are also required to create and launch their startup as part of the program.

By focusing on practical knowledge and applied learning, this program teaches the participants how to turn a great idea into a great startup. The program provides practical knowledge about and experience of creating a startup, running it, and engaging in fundraising. Participants will learn the skills & traits of successful entrepreneurs, visit startups, form their own startups, recruit mentors, develop minimum viable product (MVP), analyse competition, develop channel partnerships, acquire customers and present their ideas to potential investors and advisers.

Program fosters high intensity learning environment, with like minded passionate & visionary participants, and led by successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and subject matter experts


3] Venture Acceleration Training Program


This program is unique in its focus in that it seeks to transform an existing small business into a growth-oriented startup by customizing and applying best practices from innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and organizational development domains with the goal of (1) inculcating best practices in family businesses, (2) attracting new talent and perspectives, (3) improving efficiency, (4) expanding sales, (5) increasing profitability, and (6) attracting financial & strategic investors.

Entrepreneurs, innovators, corporate leaders, and domain experts from India and abroad will provide topical education in modular approach utilizing latest tools, techniques and process including lectures, case studies, simulations, group exercises, networking sessions and company visits. At completion of the program, the participants will have developed and initiated the implementation of a venture acceleration plan to scale up their business.



4]  Venture Exchange Training Program
This program is focused on meeting the needs of most under-served domain of entrepreneurship, i.e., inorganic entrepreneurship. This program will meet the needs of entrepreneurs, who are not focused on creating companies but are more skilled at taking small companies and ideas and
transforming them into viable and large companies.
 Students will be taught the skills, tools, techniques and process involved in acquiring and selling small businesses and startups.
 Focus will be on:
o Financial term sheets
o Private business valuations
o Buying/selling negotiations
o Acquisition integration, operational enhancement
o Transition management, and organizational leadership



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Terms and Conditions

The program is subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms”).

Bhau institute is referred hereinafter as Sponsor. Participants not abiding by these Terms may be disqualified by the Sponsor. In such event Sponsor is entitled to not award anything to the disqualified participants.

Representatives and/or employees of Sponsor, technical experts of Sponsor‘s and/or  and/or independent external experts will form a jury (hereinafter referred to as ”Jury“) which
will also be involved in conducting this program. Sponsor reserve the right – at their sole discretion and without prior notice – to appoint, dismiss and/or replace members of the Jury at any time.

Authorization to Participate
This program is open to all citizens of India.

Program Periods
Sponsor reserve the right, in the event of circumstances beyond their
control, to modify above dates without prior notice. Neither Sponsor nor its employees can
be held liable for any problems this may cause to the participants.


Online Registration 
Entering the program is free of charge. To enter the program, participants must during Phase 1, register themselves by completing the electronic entry form available at by clicking on “To Register please click here” and decide by selecting either the option “Individual” or “Team” whether he/she wants to participate in the program
either individually (hereinafter referred to as “Single Entrant”) or with up to three (03) other members as a team (hereinafter referred to as “Team”) In case of a Team the entrant must register the other members of his/her Team. Each Team must appoint a Team leader, (i) who will represent the team, (ii) will be the contact person (for the Sponsor) and (iii) must act as coordinator between the other team members. During Phase 1 a Team leader may modify the team members. Once Phase 1 has been completed, no more changes will be accepted.


All required information entered must be true and correct (inter alia true first and true last name, e-mail address etc.) (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Information”). Any entry form that is incomplete or that contains inaccuracies will not be considered and will result automatically in disqualification of the participant.

Idea Submission 

During this phase a Single Entrant or a Team must – via an online form available at [] – submit their ideas. The idea should be innovative (not a copy of anything which is already available in the market), be capable of having a social impact, involve technical knowledge and be capable of being realized into actual product.

Jury’s Evaluation 

During this phase submitted ideas will be evaluated by the Jury on the following criteria:
· relevance of the idea
· readiness of prototype
· economic viability
The Jury will at its sole discretion select the best ideas according to above mentioned criteria, which will be nominated for next Phase. During this phase Sponsor or Organizer will send an email to Single Entrant’s / Team leader’s registered email address.

The winners are solely responsible for the correct taxation of the received awards (if any) according to applicable tax laws.

Responsibility of Entrants and Team Leaders

The Single Entrants and Team leaders are responsible and have to make sure that the ideas, prototypes, photos and/or videos submitted by them do not violate any applicable laws or any third party’s rights. They also are responsible and have to make sure that they have obtained all consents of third parties that are necessary for taking part in this program and for enabling Sponsor to conduct the program as described in these Terms. Especially the Team leaders are responsible and have to make sure that each Team member has consented in registering him/her as a Team member and in submitting his/her ideas and/or prototypes created or co-created by them as described in these Terms.
In case of a culpable violation of the above underlined provisions, the respective Single Entrant or Team leader is obliged to compensate Sponsor for any damages that may occur to Sponsor because of such violation.

Data Protection

The recipient of the Personal Information, Identity and Likeness of the participants, the data controller and data processor is the Sponsor who can exchange the Personal Information with relevant parties, the participants consent that their Personal Information collected by Sponsor shall be used in order for Sponsor or their agents to conduct the program. When entering the program, the participants agree and consent that their Personal Information, Identity and Likeness is incorporated into Sponsor’s  databases and get automatically processed for the purposes above mentioned.
At any time a participant may revoke his/her consent and exercise his/her right of objection, access, rectification and cancellation addressing written notices via e-mail to []

Cancellation – Modification

Sponsor reserves the right, – at their sole discretion and without prior notice – to modify, postpone, cancel or terminate the program in its entirety, in the event that the integrity, administration, impartiality or normal operation of the program is compromised in any way, especially because of a computer-virus, a software bug, hacker attacks or unauthorized human intervention. In this event, participants may be informed via email. In case of a modification, postponement, cancellation or termination the participants have no rights to claim anything from the Sponsor.

Limitation of Liability

The released parties (this means the Sponsor their directors. Officers, employees, agents and representatives, their subsidiaries, their affiliated companies, their controlling corporations, advertising or promotion agencies, suppliers of materials and services related to the program or any other person directly associated with the holding of the program, (e.g. the members of the Jury) shall be liable neither  for any direct damages caused by culpable injury to life, body or health nor for any other losses or damages of any kind that result from acceptance, possession or use of any prize or from entry or attempted entry into the program, or from modifications of the program periods, participants agree (by entering the program) to release the released parties from any and all liability whatsoever.

The released parties are especially not liable for the timely processing and transmission of the information and/or other data and/or other materials required for entering the competition (e.g. personal data, ideas, prototypes, photos or videos), whether due to the nature and limitations of the internet, technical or computer malfunctions or  misconceptions. In no event the Sponsor, shall be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages, or damages for loss of profits, revenue, data, or use, incurred by the participants or any third party

Applicable law – Jurisdiction Clause

These Terms and Conditions are subject to laws of India. Any disputes that cannot be settled amicably shall be settled exclusively by the competent courts of Pune, India.

Participants in the program undertake not to disclose any information about the content of their ideas and/or prototypes before the consent of the Sponsor but the sponsor (in order to conduct the program) is allowed to disclose any information regarding the contents of submitted concepts or prototypes to any third party without the consent of the program participants.

Access to Terms

These Terms are available with the Sponsor in printed format.


All requests and communication related to the program and access to its Terms has to be addressed to the Sponsor’s office.  Participants may send in questions at any time during the program to the following

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